KEEKAROO Comfort Back & Seat Cushion in Cherry

KEEKAROO Comfort Back & Seat Cushion


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Add a Comfort Cushion to your Keekaroo Height Right Kids Chair!

Keekaroo has added elements of comfort.  Available in five colors, these cushions are made from a soft-to-touch material that is latex free and offers anti-microbial protection. Anti-microbial materials inhibit the growth of microbes like bacteria, fungi and viruses, keeping your child safe during mealtime.

Along with anti-microbial protection, the Comfort Cushions are easy to clean. Wipe them with warm water and the mess is gone. The outer shell is made so water and spills won’t penetrate the inner foam, keeping the Comfort Cushions in perfect condition through any mess.

The Comfort Cushions also offer added comfort, turning the Height Right Wooden High Chair into the most comfortable high chair available. The cushions are filled with foam that is squeezable and soft. When a child sits on these cushions, they can settle in to the cushion and find the perfectly comfortable spot just for them.

Are the Comfort Cushions right for your child?

    • Available in set of seat + back
    • Latex Free Seamless Material
    • Soft-to-the-touch material creates a comfortable seating option
    • Peel-resistant and tear-resistant
    • Impermeable to fluids
    • Easy to Wipe Clean
    • Made in the USA

Warranty: 5 Year Warranty 

High Chair is not included.



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