Milkies Softies Nursing Pads (2pkg of 3 pads)


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Milkies Softies Nursing Pads have a unique 3-layer design that guards against leaks without adding bulk or puffiness to your bra. A plush bamboo rayon layer rests lightly against your skin, and wicks moisture away quickly. The inner microfiber layer is ultra-absorbent and the outer layer is microbe and leak resistant.

Designed by nursing moms for nursing moms, Softies keep breastfeeding moms dry and comfortable.

•Made from natural bamboo rayon and microfiber

•Completely reusable - machine wash and dry

•3 layers of comfort and leak protection

•Each box includes 3 pairs of Softies

•Thoughtfully designed, sustainably sourced, and easy to love!



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