bblüv - Cäm - HD Video Baby Camera and Monitor

bblüv - Cäm - HD Video Baby Camera and Monitor


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The Cäm is a complete and durable baby monitor to bring peace of mind to new parents. Now you can keep an eye on your precious loved one day and night, without having to walk in the room and disturb their needed sleep. With crisp motion activated sound, the Cäm also delivers HD quality image during the day and infrared vision at night. It also features 2-way communication and pan, tilt and zoom functions on the camera. 1 camera is included and is expandable up to 2 cameras (additionnal camera sold seperately).

  • Visual display - 4.3 in. HD color display monitor with infrared night vision
  • Camera control - Pan (350 °), tilt, zoom (x2), volume and luminosity remote control
  • Screen sharing - Side by side split screen compatible with 2 cameras
  • Communication - 2 High-sensitive microphones and 2-way communication
  • Sound and music - 5 soothing lullabies and sounds
  • Sensor - Temperature sensor
  • Tracking - Feeding tracking with alarm available
  • Range - 300 m
  • Battery - Rechargeable battery (monitor) with up to 9 hours of autonomy
  • Support - Wall mounting kit included

6.22 x 0.75 x 3.46 in. (15,8 cm x 1,9 cm x 8,8 cm)

2.95 Ø x 4.29 in. (7,5 Ø x 10,9 cm).



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