bblüv - Kilö - Digital Baby Scale

bblüv - Kilö - Digital Baby Scale


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Track your baby’s weight from the comfort of your home. Get an accurate weight every time with the Tare and Hold functions. It has a large and easy to read LCD screen displaying the information you need clearly and with accuracy. This practical digital baby scale will give you years of reliable service. Its sleek design is comfortable and cute and easy to clean, making it a nice accessory for your baby’s room! It is accurate, easy to use and durable.

• Accurate, durable and simple to use – Lets you track very precisely (with 3 decimals) the baby’s growth between doctor's visits. Helps to ensure the baby is growing at the right pace.
• Ergonomic, comfortable and safe - Perfect for weighing baby, the Kilö digital baby scale has a smooth large surface with curved stable platform to comfortably cradle baby when being weighed.
• Tare mode – The Kilö scale features a Tare option that lets you get an accurate baby weight even with a blanket placed on the scale. You can turn off the scale manually but it also powers off automatically to preserve battery life.
• Hold function - Babies won’t lay still for long, luckily the electronic weigh scale gives a baby’s weight reading in a matter of seconds. Weight can be displayed in kg, lb or oz.
• Easy to read LCD screen – The large LCD display clearly shows results with easily visible characters. It also has a low battery indicator and a weight overload warning.
• Ages: 0+

Weight Capacity - 44 lbs / 20 kg



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