Chimparoo Ring Sling Baby Carrier in Juliet

Chimparoo Ring Sling


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The Ring sling naturally envelops your baby ergonomically to optimise his comfort and promote bonding between you. Designed for occasional use and quick to install, it offers several carrying options achievable from birth onward, without restrictions in weight. Comparatively to a regular-sized baby wrap, its rings and structure is intuitive and makes its use easier. This baby wrap is particularly liked by parents looking foran easy solution to carry a newborn baby. Even with the baby's weight on a single shoulder, the Ring sling remains surprisingly comfortable.


  • Suitable from birth with no restrictions on weight.
  • Fully accomodates babies and parents of any size.
  • 5 carrying positions according to age, level of arousal and activity.
  • Structured with rings for simple intuitive usage.
  • Perfectly envelops the baby to safely keep him in the desired position.
  • Made of soft woven 100% organic cotton. Certified Oeko-Tex 100.
  • 2 available lengths.
  • Built-in pocket with zipper.
  • Designed and made in Canada.

Even more for your ring sling

A striped pattern has been woven in the fabric to help you differentiate the sides of the baby wrap and help you with its fitting and ajusting it more precisely.



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