Food Wrap Starter Pack | 1 MULTI-PACK (3 wraps total)

Food Wrap Starter Pack | 1 MULTI-PACK (3 wraps total)


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These wraps form a protective, breathable and fresh seal over just about any perishable - all without the use of plastic...

Includes 3 wraps (1 of each size):

1 Small Teal wrap (7" x 8") - good for cut cucumbers, avocados, small trail mix, fruit and to top jars.

1 Medium Green wrap (10" x 11") - good for cheese, large trail mix, half a sandwich, half a cabbage, medium bowls, grape tomatoes and baked goods

1 Large Blue wrap (12" x 14") - good for sandwiches & left over pizza slices, celery, cheese, larger bowl or dish, larger melon, grapes, greens, beans and asparagus.

They are reusable. They are biodegradable. They are plastic free.


- Organic cotton muslin with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes

- USDA approved Certified Organic beeswax

- Coniferous tree resin

- A touch of soy wax

- Organic jojoba oil

- Organic cinnamon and clove essential oils

Hand wash in cold water with eco friendly, ethanol-free dish soap - hang or lay flat to dry.

AVOID - Microwaves and ovens, hot food, uncooked meat and more than a month of freezer use.



How Do They Work?

Simply warm them in your hands and wrap them around produce, bowls, sandwiches, nuts, snacks, cheese and cooked / smoked meats - virtually any perishable.  The wraps stick to themselves and provide a clean and protective seal.  

How do I get them to Stick to Bowls?

If you want your wraps to firmly stick to bowls, we recommend activating them to ensure they adhere properly.  To activate your wraps, roll each wrap into a ball in your hands like you're kneading dough, the combination of warmth and motion will make them forever tacky.  Once activated ensure that you stick the wraps to themselves, not just the bowl, to make sure they provide a good seal.  Check out the :57 second mark of the video above for some visual tips.  


Reusable?  I Don't Get it, Won't They Get Dirty?  

Fear not friend.   After use, simply rinse in cool water - hot water will reduce the wax coating - and gently wash with etee's plastic-free dish soap or any an eco-friendly soap (avoid ethanol based soaps) and a soft sponge or your hands, just like you would a plate or bowl. Try not to let them soak in water for too long.  Once clean you can either hang to dry or use a towel (don't wring them out though) and reuse immediately.  They may - with certain foods like pomegranate - develop a darker patina, but as long as you keep working them they'll keep delivering freshness.


How Long Do Etee Wraps Last?

On average, each sheet should get about 120 - 150 uses, but it ultimately depends on how often and how intensively and for what purpose you use them.  Some people will get a year out of them - especially when used as bowl toppers - while others who beat them up on a daily basis may get closer to 4 - 6 months.

What kind of dye is used? Is the cotton organic?

Fair question! All of our dyes are non toxic and free of heavy metals, AZOs and formaldehyde found in typical textile dyes. etee Food Wraps are made with organic cotton muslin infused with Certified Organic beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba and cinnamon & clove essential oils with a touch of non-gmo soy wax. Both the dyes and the fabric utilize very little water to be processed, of which a great portion is recycled. They are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard - recognized as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres - which means they are also in compliance with social criteria. You can learn more here:

Will They Work In A Freezer?

30 days or less, yes!  But they're not recommended for uncooked meat.



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